SketchBook Express

SketchBook Express 2.9.2

A comprehensive art app for your phone

SketchBook Express contains everything the novice art enthusiast needs. View full description


  • Comprehensive options
  • Great for experienced artists
  • Import photos


  • Steep learning curve
  • Not for beginners

Very good

SketchBook Express contains everything the novice art enthusiast needs.

SketchBook Express is a free drawing and painting application for Android phones that allows casual to artistic experts to create impressive works of art. Through the use of the touch screen in combination with various brushes, pencils, and line widths.

Featuring a color wheel, it is possible to make any color you like. SketchBook Express also contains the ability to work with layers and opacity to blend colors and lines, creating even more detailed images.

The ability to pinch to zoom and work within a smaller area is one of the best strengths of SketchBook Express because it allows for minute detail not possible at a 100% size. SketchBook Express also allows the importing of pictures from a gallery or a camera shot.

SketchBook Express does have a high learning curve to use all of the functions and it does help to have previous art knowledge. SketchBook Express is not the best app for the amateur artist expecting to make amazing images, but there is a huge amount of potential for what can be produced with the tools given.

There is a learning curve for SketchBook Express, but persistent artists will soon be able to produce amazing art.

SketchBook Express


SketchBook Express 2.9.2